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Since 1931, Rickenbacker has a tradition of providing not only products of the highest quality and reputation but also selecting partners which uphold and value this standard. Yamano's history, going back to 1892, reflects appreciation of this tradition making their selection to our family an easy choice.


We pride ourselves as being pioneers, having created the first commercial electric guitar. Each day we look back with pride to the accomplishments of our founder, Adolph Rickenbacker, to derive new inspiration for the future. However, we are not content to simply bask in the light of our previous accomplishments but maintain a continuous effort to keep the pioneering spirit alive.


It's been said that our contribution isn't so much just about our products for making music as making products that have influenced and created new music. This is easily observed not only back in the days of the Beatles and Yes, but following through artists or bands such as Tom Petty, U2, REM, or Radiohead, as well as many new, young bands. Still, can you name any other song besides "A Hard Day's Night" which is recognized throughout the world from only one chord from one guitar? A Rickenbacker guitar, of course.


We are finding that the talents of Yamano and Rickenbacker combine together naturally to offer the best of two worlds. We know that you, our customers in Japan, will come to appreciate this new era in product quality, availability, and personal service that this union provides. It's just the beginning but once again it is bound to become a tradition.

With best regards,

John Hall 
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer