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This Privacy Policy applies to all matters relating to the handling of personal information on the "RIC ASIA Network" website, being located at (http://www.rickenbacker-asia.com)and operated by Yamano Music Co., Ltd. Acknowledging the societal responsibility and importance of protecting personal information of our customers, we observe all applicable laws and regulations relating to privacy protection. Based on our voluntary rules we have formulated, we further take every effort to surely implement the following Privacy Policy.

 1. Information We Collect
We collect your personal information to the extent we deem it appropriate. Before collecting the information, we clarify its purpose and request your consent.

 2. Purpose of Use
The personal information we collect may be used for the following purposes:

   To process your orders for delivery
   To provide you with services after transactions
   To provide you with updated information on products, events, and etc…

Before using personal information for any purposes other than those listed above, we will notify you to request your consent.

 3. Security
To protect your personal information from any threats of improper disclosure, loss, falsification, or unauthorized access, we have adequate security system. As part of our continuing efforts, our chief privacy officer supervises our employees to manage personal information appropriately.

 4. Consignments
We may entrust your personal information to contracting companies within the scope of the purpose defined herein. In such cases, we will execute an agreement with the parties to have them undertake equal obligation as we do in protecting your personal information.

 5. Providing Information to Third Parties
We will not provide your personal information to any third parties with the exception of the following cases that:

   a) it is enforceable request by law, and/or
   b) it is requested by applicable laws and regulations

 6. Disclosure
When we are requested by yourself to disclose your personal information, we will identify you in accordance with identification procedures we have specified, then:

   a) we will disclose such information to you as soon as practicable or
   b) we will correct or delete your personal information

 7. Personal Information of People Underage
We will maintain the same and appropriate safeguards to protect personal information we have collected from minors. However, in the case of personal information under 16, we may request parental or guardian’s consent.

 8. Compliance of Laws and Improving Efforts on Privacy Policy
We fully comply with the laws and regulations of Japan applicable to the protection of personal information and continuously review to make necessary improvements on our privacy policy.